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Stuck on You! Personalized Clothing Stamp

We are in full swing of camp season and starting to get ready for back to school!  

How do you label your kids’ clothes, if at all?

Did you go to the junk drawer and grab a sharpie to label your kids clothes or are you a super ahead of the game and order personalized sticker labels?  I have found an easy, quick way to label my children’s clothes without the stickers that fall off!  I recently received personalized clothing stamps from “Stuck on You” to try out, and I am loving them!

The stamps arrived customized for each of my children, their names and an adorable graphic.  They each come in a cute pouch to hold the stamp and the ink. 



I decided to try them out on, first, on of my son’s school polos and second, on one of my daughter’s onesie.  The image came out clear and didn’t show through the fabric.

IMG_9631 2
IMG_9633 2

The real test was if they stood up in the wash!  I have to say I give them an A!

Australia based Stuck On You was founded in 1995 by Carrie Felton, a mom of three boys.  A global leader in personalized products for baby & beyond, Stuck On You products are available in more than 15 countries.  Felton created Stuck On You to celebrate the individuality of every name, bring joy to new parents with unique, timeless products for every child, save families time, energy and money and help them to lead a more organized life.  In addition to a broad offering of labels, the Stuck On You collection includes activity and personalized books, durable and stylish bags, lunchboxes and drink bottles, stationery, bag tags and gorgeous gifts for all ages.


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