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Keeping my photos for Forever, with FOREVER

I am the memory keeper of my family, and I love to pull together different people’s photos, get books printed after big events, and share old memories with my kids so they can get an idea of what life was like “in the olden days.” I get a lot of personal satisfaction from it, and I am reminded that it is a worthwhile way to spend my time whenever I think about the wildfires, hurricanes and other natural disasters we have seen in just the last year. Even with my desire to maintain my memories, I found that I had allowed quite a photo mess to develop around me. Between older physical photos, pictures on my computer that were all organized differently, and pictures on my phone, it wasn’t easy for me to find anything and I was worried that not all my photos were backed up on anything other than a flash drive.

I knew this wasn’t an ideal situation, but it was overwhelming to think of how to really bring all my photos together in one place that is actually secure. One of my new year’s resolutions is to organize my life!  This includes all of my photos! I wanted a tool that would help me back up my photos, but would also help me organize and print my pictures when I want to. 

I was also concerned with the way most companies manage my photos – they often reduce the resolution making it so I can never print my pictures, they make me sign over all ownership rights to my pictures, and they don’t even guarantee me that they will provide secure storage (check out Google’s Terms of Service – they suggest you have a different backup… aren’t they supposed to be my backup?!). 

When I first read about what Senior Executive Ambassador, Adriana Mederos, was offering to help with, I knew I had found what I was looking for with Forever.  Forever storage allows me to organize my photos, easily upload new photos, and share my memories both digitally and by printing photo books and other treasures – which my kids absolutely love. I can also use FOREVER to scan a bunch of my old pictures and slides and have digital copies! And what I really like is that you pay once at the beginning (a little more of a pill to swallow, but once you do you have it FOREVER!), and then your memories are guaranteed for your lifetime plus 100 years. They also have a setup that is clearly designed for my photos to be treasured and passed down to future generations – I retain all of the rights and I can designate what will happen to them and who will be in charge of my account after I pass. I haven’t found anything else like FOREVER on the market, and I am so glad Adriana messaged us to inquire about the DS guide.

I now have my phone auto-sync my pictures to FOREVER and then I go in periodically and delete all the pictures that I don’t want to keep. Whenever I want to share pictures from an event, I create an album in my FOREVER account and I share with friends using a link; they can easily view and download the pictures themselves! They can even print a few photo books a year! After years of only taking digital pictures, it feels so great to have some albums to look at around the house again. 

If Adriana can help with your photo chaos, create a free account using this link and you will receive a $10 coupon with your welcome email!

Palm Beach Moms Blog is proud to partner with FOREVER to bring you this post!

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