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Earth Fare – a new grocery store option in Palm Beach County!

I used to love grocery shopping, taking my time, buying items for new recipes to try, reading each label… then I had 3 kids.  I have lofty goals to meal plan, cut coupons and read labels so I know what is going into their little, growing bodies… yup, they are still that goals, goals that I might achieve one day, not sure any day soon.  Right now my everyday goal is to have food in the fridge and pantry, so our family can eat three meals a day, be as healthy as possible and not go broke trying to feed everyone.  

I used to get excited about a new clothing store or a new restaurant opening but these days supermarkets are where I spend a heck of a lot more time. When I heard there was a new authentic specialty natural and organic grocery store coming to Palm Beach County, I got pretty excited. 

If you haven’t had a chance to go, let me introduce you to Earth Fare!  The newest location of this grocery store chain just opened its door in the Mainstreet at Midtown development on PGA Boulevard, just west of Military Trail.  Before I go on about the store, Earth Fare’s “Food Philosophy” is pretty amazing.  They pledge that their food is free of:  

  • Added hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • Artificial fats and trans-fats
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Bleached or bromated flour
  • Artificial colors or flavors

They explained that “we’ve checked our products labels so you don’t have to.”  (Amazing because when I am in a rush, or have 3 kids in tow with at least one of the verge of a meltdown, the last thing I have time to do is read a label!)

Now about the store itself.



The store is beautiful! There is a large selection of their products, as well as local products, in addition to classic brands that we see in other natural food stores in the area. 

They prominently display their food philosophy around the store so customers are fully informed!

It is a store you should go experience for yourself but below are a few of my favorite things about Earth Fare.

The Prices

I love to price compare and get a bargain! The prices are extremely competitive!  I was shocked with how reasonable items were compared to other stores I shop at.  

The Prepared Foods


The Easy to Make Items

Check out these pizza making kits & thaw and cook selections from the fish department!


The Daily Deals


The Bulk Spice Section

How many times have you had a recipe that call for a tablespoon of a spice and you bought a whole jar that you still have in your pantry 5 years later!


Make sure to check out Earth Fare!  This mama is pretty pumped about the store and I’m only disappointed that there aren’t any immediate plans for multiple locations in Palm Beach! 


Palm Beach Moms Blog is proud to partner with Earth Fare to bring you more information about their new Palm Beach Gardens store.

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