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Happy Quarantine Birthday 2020!

Happy Quarantine Birthday! Let the good times “roll.”  (Insert toilet paper emoji here.)   🙂

Now we have all settled into our new temporary normal, whatever that looks like for you. We all know that as moms we are trying our best to “keep on keeping on” and with that comes celebrating our little loves’ birthdays! The only thing is, social distancing and birthdays don’t really seem like they go together, right? That NEVER stopped a Palm Beach Mom from getting the job done. The party must go on!

 Yes, our kiddos CAN have their cake AND eat it too: quarantine style! Okay, so that doesn’t look like a play place, or spa party, or even a big pool party sleepover; however, moms we got you covered. 

We know that unfortunately, this year’s virus has tried to dampen the fun and festivities for all of us but nope . . . not today Covid-19!

BEEP! BEEP! – We moms are getting creative and bringing the party ON THE ROAD!

My son’s birthday isn’t even until August and I am seriously considering doing a car parade, just because. How adorable is that? Kids get to see all their friends, family, and neighbors wave and sing Happy Birthday.  I have already taken my son to about three of them this past month. Kids light up with joy and excitement to see everyone beeping and cheering for them. Many cars are going all out with bright colored streamers and balloons.  Some are holding up festive, colorful personalized signs with birthday wishes for the special birthday boy or girl.  You can’t get much more celebratory than that. 


Happy Birthday – Zoom Style

Maybe you want to have a birthday party on Zoom.  Have your family and friends get their party hats and noisemakers and get ready to celebrate with you virtually.  Zoom is free as long as you stay within a certain time frame.  You can even incorporate funny party games into the Zoom or even a scavenger hunt for them to find their birthday presents.  Each person reads a clue and they have to go searching for it.  I love how all of us Palm Beach moms are becoming so creative and resourceful with the cards we have been dealt.

Zoom birthday parties allow everyone to be a part of the celebration!

Video Birthday Tributes

Some moms are going the route of having family and friends record a short video birthday message.  Video montage sites, like Tribute, even help you create it. How awesome is this? Kids can watch it over and over and enjoy the moment again and  again.  I love this idea submitted by a Boynton Beach mama.

How creative is this West Boynton mom to coordinate this video tribute?

Yard Greeting Rentals 

Companies such as Card My Yard deliver personalized greetings right to your door.  They deliver, set up and even pick up for you.  How convenient is that?  

One happy 10 year old!

Yard signs like this are a great way to celebrate your child!

The truth is we all love our kids and however you choose to celebrate with them, it will be memorable, special and sentimental.  For all your special little ones who have a birthday coming up whether it be their first or their 16th, they will surely have some stories to tell one day how they celebrated it – Quarantine style!

Thank you Mommy! #bestdayever



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