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You are wearing that again?

You are wearing that again? My three-year-old asks as I walk out of the room showered and dressed, feeling accomplished being able to complete a task for me that day.  I am six months postpartum and besides work-out clothes, I have about four outfits I rotate through. I am in a new season of my life a newly stay at home mom and mother of my second child. My clothes that I wore as a teacher don’t work for going to the grocery store and Gymboree. I also need to wear items that are easily accessible for nursing and can wipe off spit up, this highly limits my choices.

The nine months before that I was in maternity clothes which I continue to hope will become cuter and cheaper. This second time around I was lucky enough to have a friend give me a big bag of maternity clothes she did not need at the time. Which is the best way to go, because they are crazy expensive and you are only in them nine months (if you’re lucky). Both of my pregnancies I was in pretty much the same outfit that last month. If you are shopping for maternity clothes I had the best luck in Target’s clearance section or if you are looking for nicer stuff PinkBlush Maternity. I found a dress for my brother-in-law’s wedding and also my baby shower dress for a decent price and they always have discounts.

Now as a nursing mother I look for comfortable items that I can feed baby wherever we are. I like the two-shirt method which consists of wearing a light tank top under a t-shirt. That way I can use the top shirt as a cover and the bottom one keeps my postpartum stomach from hanging out while I’m nursing. I have always been one of those people that wouldn’t buy a shirt that cost more than $20. But as I have become older I have realized it is better to have a few good, more expensive pieces that I can mix up rather than a lot of pieces that fade easily and I am tossing out within a few months. Some go to pieces are comfortable t-shirts that last, light sweaters, and comfortable stretchy jeans.

I have recently discovered Stitch Fix. I ran across it a couple of months ago and wrote it off as something I would end up spending a lot of money on. But after attempting to go my old route and heading to Old Navy to find a few cheap clothes to wear. My son started crying as soon as I reached the dressing room. I spent the last 30 minutes looking for clothes that worked for a stay-at-home nursing mom and didn’t even get the chance to try anything on. I drove home feeling defeated and again came across the Stitch Fix ad. I decided to check it out. After filling out my sizes going with a size bigger than my pre-pregnancy weight with hopes that I was getting close to my goal. I made sure to add to the notes section that I was looking for cute comfortable clothes for a stay-at-home mom. I also made sure to state that I didn’t want to spend a ton of money as we now do have to support two kids on one income. About a week later my box came. It was so exciting to open a box of cute clothes without having to leave my house kids in tow. Although I loved all the items 4 shirts and a pair of jeans ranging in price from $25-$60 I decided to keep the pair of jeans as that’s what I was looking for most at the time.

No matter what stage of life you are at it is not easy finding clothes that are both a good fit and a good price. But as online shopping continues to increase in popularity and is ideal for moms that do not want to take their kids shopping to end up playing hide-in-seek in the racks Stitch Fix and PinkBlush are both good shopping choices.

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