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Take the Road Trip!-2

Take the Road Trip

When my husband first suggested we make our summer trip to my in laws lake house in Michigan by car, I thought he had lost his mind. 21 hours on the road with twin two year olds and a seven year old didn’t sound like much of a vacation. He kept talking about how much […]

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The Bittersweet End to the Baby Stage

I’ve heard many times that you’ll know you’re done having kids when you don’t feel a sense of sadness when the “baby stage” passes. While I imagine that is true for a good number of people, I also think there are many of us moms who know we are done growing our family and yet […]

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The Accidental Cheermom-2

The Accidental Cheer Mom

Anyone who knows me, knows I spent the majority of my youth on a soccer field. My weeknights were spent at practice, often with two practices a day due to being on both school teams and travel teams. Saturday mornings were spent at games in the hot Florida sun covered in dirt, sweat and with […]

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A Contentment Challenge

Years ago, I was reading a blog that I follow by author Lara Casey and she was completing what she called a “Contentment Challenge.” The idea came from a friend of hers, Nancy Ray, who gave up shopping for three months as a way to come to terms with her need for things and find […]

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When you become an “Allergy Mom”

It seems in the past few years we have been hearing more and more about children with food allergies. I personally had heard of many children suffering from these allergies and felt sorry for the kids in my oldest daughter’s class that couldn’t enjoy the same snacks as the other kids. But beyond hearing about […]

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Raising Includers

A few years ago I read an article that talked about raising our kids to be “includers” instead of “excluders” and it really struck me. The basic concept is to try to teach our kids the importance of including others and try to squash the mean kid mentality before it starts. In the past, I […]

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Mom’s Book Club: The Hands Free Mama

Sitting curled up with a book and a nice hot cup of coffee or warm Chamomile tea may just be one of my favorite past times. Reading is a huge part of who I am and it’s rare that you’ll ever find me without a book on my nightstand or shoved in my purse or […]

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My Mother, My Grandmother, My Mother in Law: My Friends

We often hear about the importance of our tribe, our village, and those we choose to surround ourselves with as mothers to help us navigate this journey of raising little humans. Usually when we are talking about our “tribe,” more times than not, we are talking about our friends. Our friendships are such an important […]

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The Secret Is..There Is No Secret

The elusive secret of what makes a perfect mother has evaded us for years. Is it the mom who stays home to be with her children all day so that she is the one nurturing them 24/7? Or is it the mom who works full time so that she can show her children what it […]

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There Will Always Be Toys on My Floor

You know that friend’s house you go to that is always sparkling clean, she has beautifully prepared snacks for you, and the toys never seem to make their way into the living space? We all seem have that friend whose life always seems so well put together and the house always seems as if it […]

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