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Sundays are for Staying Strong

Sunday. The day of the week when you can finally unwind, relax with your family and friends and dread that the next day is Monday. Sunday in many homes also means a day to put some time aside to focus on faith. After a long week of work both in and outside the home sometimes […]

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The Gift of Giving

How often do we find that our garages and closets have turned into storage units for our families clothes, toys and baby items? I am definitely guilty of driving around months, bags in my trunk, with the intention of eventually dropping them off! Though Goodwill and Salvation Army are usually the first that come to […]

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You’re allergic to what?

In life, it’s funny how you never think twice about an issue until you are directly faced with it yourself. Very rarely do we see people participating in walks, fundraisers and volunteer efforts for good causes if they haven’t been personally effected in some way. Well, I am the first to admit that I definitely […]

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Summer….the best time for a birthday

As a child, I always felt bad for anyone I knew with a summer birthday. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than celebrating during the months between June-August when school was out and everyone went on vacation. How terrible it would be to see everyone with their birthday crowns and special treats throughout the scholastic year […]

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Here We Grow Again

It’s 6 am and I am awake. My kids are sleeping and I have been up sporadically since 3:30 am. Why? Because I am 38 weeks pregnant and paranoia has kicked in. Those same feelings which I thought I would never feel again after my second child was born are creeping back on in stronger […]

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