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Abuse Isn’t a Label I Like to Wear

Abuse comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is mental or physical it all hurts. They say that children that come from an abused home usually end up being in another abusive relationship in their adulthood. Either on the receiving end or the giving. I don’t believe that is a free pass. Or an […]

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Holidays can be hard, let’s make them brighter!

The holidays are usually such an exciting time for most families, unfortunately there are people all around us in the world that are having hardships and dreading when the holidays come around. Suddenly when the Christmas lights go up and people strap trees on their roofs of their cars, it’s just a constant reminder of […]

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Living, not Fearing

Did you ever worry when you went to a concert that it would potentially be your last day on earth? With the shooting in Vegas last week I am constantly trying to remember if my youth was ever filled with even an ounce of worry and danger in the forefront of my mind.    That […]

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33076 Picks

I love where we live! There are so many hidden treasures of our town that I’d love to share with y’all!! Coral Springs & Parkland are towns just off the Sawgrass Expressway. There’s a lot of charm amongst the standard stores and restaurants us as consumers (especially mothers) need and love that aren’t a 1/2 […]

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Childhood Memories Can’t Be Washed Away

In the midst of all the tragedies around us. I wanted to see the light and still find happiness. I hope you all can join me.    My best childhood memories were made in two alternate homes. My family became residents of Dorado, Puerto Rico in the 70’s. So we always had spent holidays and […]

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Friend or Fo ….ya never know

So let’s face it throughout life we do our best to be polite and understanding of other people. I always say you introduce with your best version of yourself but as the visits frequent, and the friendship forms or fades your truest version shall appear and in some cases it ain’t so pretty! This brings […]

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Average Joe

So I was that teenager who thought her s**t didn’t stink, and wanted to look her best everyday walking into school….I wanted to be that girl in all the rom com movies that turned heads. That used to be so important to me, I had to wear the trendy clothes, makeup was a daily task […]

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Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

So everyone always says being a mom is the hardest job in the world but not many elaborate…. I feel as though many agree that the lack of sleep is a huge factor even though there are many lucky ones not experiencing those late night bouncing/patting/singing/shhhing episodes. Acting as a close second…. is how your […]

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For Better or Worse

With Father’s Day coming up it got me thinking about fathers post kids vs. mothers post kids. What is Father’s Day? Is it a made up holiday as they say that the greeting card companies founded? Or is it a reminder of the men who helped create our amazing offspring and give them praise. I […]

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