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Back to School, Already?

August is quickly approaching and as the kids are in full summer swing some moms are counting down the days that the kids are back in school. My children are not of school-age yet, but I have heard as a teacher the many joyous remarks from parents how excited they were to get back in […]

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How many kids?

At some point in motherhood or even before we enter motherhood we may face the question of how many kids should we have? This is a question some couples know the answer to even before they decide to get married and for some it isn’t a question at all due to medical concerns or infertility. […]

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Beach Planning

Living in Florida, we are lucky enough to be able to go to the beach year-round. Now after living here for 5 years and some trial and error, I feel my husband and I have figured out some tips to feel prepared for a day at the beach. We occasionally enjoy going to a beach, […]

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An Open Letter to the Men in My Life

            An open letter to the men in my life on this Father’s Day:   Dad, You are a father and a Papa. Watching you play with my kids is like peeking through a window into my own childhood. I get a smile on my face as I see you playing the same games I […]

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I am fifteen years old and living in Scottsdale, AZ. My parents have called a “family meeting” which I anxiously await to hear them say those all too familiar words, “we are moving”. See at this point in my life I have lived in seven different states and have been in this home for the […]

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Let them play! The importance of imaginary play.

Working as a First-Grade teacher my students would have daily journal entries to help practice their writing and spelling. One day the journal question seemed simple to me: What do you want to be when you grow up? We are asked this question multiple times throughout our lives and sometimes we have one answer and […]

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Preparing for Your Summer Trip

As Summer approaches, many of us are planning our summer trips. Traveling with kids isn’t easy for anyone no matter if they are 3 or 13. A lot of parents have anxiety about traveling with kids including me! Will everyone on the plane stare at me because my three-year-old didn’t get her way, will my […]

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More Than Just Pushing a Stroller

While pregnant with my daughter, all I craved were smoothies and salads. I continued to do Pilates and my usually workouts throughout my pregnancy. I gained about 27 pounds my whole pregnancy and was proud to continue to be healthy. It didn’t take me to long to lose the weight after pregnancy and when I felt […]

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You are wearing that again?

You are wearing that again? My three-year-old asks as I walk out of the room showered and dressed, feeling accomplished being able to complete a task for me that day.  I am six months postpartum and besides work-out clothes, I have about four outfits I rotate through. I am in a new season of my […]

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