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Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

Spring cleaning snuck up on me this year,  I was sitting in my new armchair happily reading “All-of-a-kind Family” by Sydney Taylor, when I came into the chapter entitled “dusting is fun.”  I was struck by the standard of cleanliness the 1912 Mama demanded of her home. I mean, she had 5 daughters, a husband […]

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Blood Donation and a Shoulder to Lean On

So I’ve been a mom for a short time.  I have a smart and beautiful girl and a cheerful son. Becoming a mom has been a positive experience for me.  I have become a glass half full kind of woman, one who lives life with an encourager’s frame of mind.  Tough day? My reaction is […]

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Winter Games 2018: Passion Connected

My husband and I are a marriage of opposites. Can you relate? In high school he was on the swim team and football team, won bodybuilding competitions and was generally an athlete. In high school I was a student librarian, in the drama club, Bible club and writing club. It can take some work to […]

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The Both Mama

Ever get caught up in the war between the Boy Moms and the Girl Moms? Girl Moms swear their girls can be louder and rowdier than boys, while Boy Moms swear their boys are more than just horrendous mess makers.  Then there are the other moms.  The Both Moms. I think that those of us […]

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Teaching our daughters about beauty

The best compliment I have received lately is that I look like I’m 27. The reality is I’m 31. Now I’m one who believes that age is just a number, but it is always nice to hear nice things about one’s appearance, especially when one is a tired mom of 2 under 2. What is […]

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Rocking Two Traditions During the Holidays

Rocking two traditions during the holidays

When people get married, they are supposed to combine family traditions in a way that works for the new family that is created. For the past three years, the holidays always made us reflect on our family, the traditions we grew up with, and the traditions we wanted to start with we kids. For us […]

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New Year, New Groove, Less Stress

As a mom it is so easy to become the mom with checklists and guilt trips.  There are so many moms who try to live up to their instagram photos that the American Psychological Association has actually done studies determining which filter is the best evidence for good mental health. And have you noticed how […]

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thank you

Thank you, for everything you do-o

Thank you, for everything you do-o My favorite episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is when Daniel has to go to the garden for Thank You Day.  He spends the day reflecting on his friends and their unique specialness.  Then he gets down to business, writing out thank you cards. He even gets a few cards […]

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I Forgot Hispanic Heritage Month

I am hispanic and I forgot it was Hispanic Heritage month. As a first generation American and as someone who used to work for 2 huge Latin American companies, I feel a little strange that I forgot to make this month into a learning opportunity for my daughter.  I mean here I am in South […]

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Working on Being the Boy Who Lived

We were all expecting Fall in South Florida to be such a joyful time of costumes and pumpkin patches, but doesn’t it just seem like the world is out to steal our joy? Between the hurricanes ruining everything around us, disaster reliefs, people’s opinions of disaster reliefs, horrific events at concerts, political discord, doctor’s bad […]

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