Passionate About the Palm Beach area
and the Moms Who Live Here

Meet the Founder

I’m Meg Palumbo and wanted to introduce myself and tell you how excited I am about bringing the City Moms Blog Network to Palm Beach and starting Palm Beach Moms Blog! Born and raised a proud Rhode Islander, I first moved to Florida to attend the University of Miami. “Go C.A.N.E.S!!!” After graduating I missed the northeast and moved back north with my now husband, Chris!

I married Chris in 2009 and had my first son, Jameson, in 2011. In Rhode Island, I first worked for a small public relations firm and then spent a majority of my career working for a national insurance carrier on their sponsorship team, as well as their advertising team.

We always knew that moving was a possibility with Chris’ job and right before Jameson turned one, Chris accepted a position in West Palm Beach and I became a stay at home mom.

We officially moved to Wellington in January of 2013 and have loved it ever since! In 2014, we welcomed our second son, Patrick and in January of 2018, we welcomed our daughter, Amelia!

Most recently, I have been able to use my event planning experience helping to execute some amazing weddings here in Palm Beach. I’ve been looking for something that combines my work experience with my passions, my family, my friends and my community! Thus, Palm Beach Moms Blog was born! Thanks for joining me on this amazing journey!