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Passionate About the Palm Beach area
and the Moms Who Live Here
Creating a Diverse library

Creating a Diverse Library

As the primary book curator in our household I have set out over the last few years on a mission to create a diverse library of books and resources for my sons. They are biracial and I have always felt it was important to see people in their books that look like and reflect them […]

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What is Chinola?

What is Chinola? Chinola is made with fresh passion fruit juice grown in Dominican Republic. It is cane sugar based it does contain alcohol. It can be sipped on ice or served in as a splash on top of a sparkling wine or prosecco.   The cocktails are endless. I personally love it in a […]

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FORTY: The Second Act

I ushered in my 40th birthday in 2019.  I opted for a weekend away in New York City with just my husband – full of musicals and amazing food, topped off with a midnight birthday toast at a cool rooftop bar. It was absolute perfection. As I approached 40 though, I started to feel a change.  An internal shift.  It wasn’t at all sadness about the impending milestone birthday, but more of a realignment in my life – of what, and […]

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