Passionate About the Palm Beach area
and the Moms Who Live Here
Version 2

Momma, You are Enough

I birthed my daughter vaginally and I am proud of that. I birthed my son through a cesarean section and I am proud of that. Although, in all honesty, that was not always the case. You see, during the many weeks of “birth plan” research, not once did I come across an article that portrayed […]

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The ABC’S of Moving from a Crib to Toddler-Bed

Right now my daughter is standing at the door of her room crying for me. She is supposed to be taking her afternoon nap.  In about 5 minutes she will crawl back into her toddler bed, and go to sleep.  But right now, listening to her cry, it is hard. My little princess used to […]

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No Secrets Here!

Conventional wisdom says that you should keep your pregnancies a secret until you’re in your second trimester. As I write this, I’m nine weeks pregnant, and everyone I know already knows my news. In fact, this is my fourth pregnancy, and I have never managed to follow the rule of keeping the news to myself […]

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My Rainbow Amongst the Clouds

My soon to be 5 year old boy loves all things bright and shiny. He has always gravitated towards the “girl section” when it came to the toy aisle. Sure, he went through the Mickey Mouse and Cars phase as well as the Tsum Tsum, Shopkins and the dreaded FROZEN phase (so thankful that one […]

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Painless Pregnancy

There are some pregnancy issues that are simply par for the course; back pain, waddling, discomfort.  It happens to everyone.  Just grin and bear it!  Or…DON’T. Contrary to what you may have heard, you can and should have a PAINLESS pregnancy.  The truth is that the discomfort you are experiencing is actually a sign of […]

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3 Things to do When You’ve Blown It, Mom

I blew it. BIG TIME. I’ve talked constantly online and in real life about how great I feel since I cut out sugar. Overcoming this sugar addiction has helped me countless ways beyond weight loss, and I gladly tell anyone who wants to listen. But last week, I blew it. I made my first mistake […]

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Money Saving Tips for a Disney Trip

Disney World is said to be the most magical place on earth. While I whole-heartling agree, this can also cost an arm and a leg! The ticket itself has gone up in price and staying on site has pros and now some cons. It’s really smart to try to plan as much before hand as […]

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