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Contentment over Coursework

I hope this post finds you and your family well.   My family, like most, is doing our best to settle into our new, temporary “normal.”  As we approach next week, when “virtual learning” is set to begin, I wanted to share some thoughts as an educator and mom of two little ones before this process […]

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Women’s History Month

Why is women’s history important? I could give you the most common answer and say it is because women are life-giving. Women are mothers and wives. Women are sisters and daughters. Although these things are all important, I would be giving women’s history too little credit. I would be ignoring the true significance of women’s […]

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Celebrating Spring At Home

The First Day of Spring  For thousands of years, people have viewed the first day of Spring as a time to go out and celebrate.  In Japan it is a time of family reunions, in the Middle East it is when Mother’s Day is observed and in the USA it has been when ice-cream parlors […]

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100 Things to Do at Home with Kids

With schools closed, we know all of us Palm Beach mamas will be spending more time at home with our kids. Here is a list of 100 things to do at home with kids, including a PDF printable list. Print out the list and check off items as you go, using the hashtag #palmbeachmomsblog on […]

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