Passionate About the Palm Beach area
and the Moms Who Live Here

Adios, Elementary School!

When my oldest daughter transitioned from elementary school to middle school, I was a nervous wreck. I worried about her making friends in a new environment, keeping up with her responsibilities, adjusting to the expectations of so many different teachers, and I was nervous about her riding her bike home from school by herself. Fast […]

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Water Fun in Palm Beach County!

One thing we can’t deny about South Florida is that the afternoons get hot!  There are a lot of days that get too hot for our children to play on the great playgrounds.  That is when it is best to make sure your kids have on their swim suits and head to a splash pad […]

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Your PBC Beach Bucket List!

The much anticipated season of the year is here – SUMMER!  And that means – BEACH time! But let’s face it, traveling to the beach, with all your family gear – towels, sunscreen, hats, glasses, chairs, buckets, shovels, coolers, and SNACKS, seems anything BUT relaxing.  So we created a list of our favorite beach spots […]

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Do You Have the Graduation Blues? You’re Not Alone.

There’s something about hearing the march of ‘pomp and circumstance’ that immediately makes me well up with tears.  It’s an emotional mix of nostalgia and the realization of the passing of time.  Sixteen years ago that pomp and circumstance represented an exciting newness, my next chapter.  An accomplishment and a hopeful future.  I couldn’t wait […]

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