Passionate About the Palm Beach area
and the Moms Who Live Here

Managing the Age Gap

After I had my first daughter the questions about when we were planning to have our second came pretty quickly. I can vividly remember her being just six months old and being asked if we were going to start trying for our second. At the time I couldn’t imagine getting pregnant as I still had […]

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Beach Planning

Living in Florida, we are lucky enough to be able to go to the beach year-round. Now after living here for 5 years and some trial and error, I feel my husband and I have figured out some tips to feel prepared for a day at the beach. We occasionally enjoy going to a beach, […]

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June 9 - Summer Tease 2

Manatee Lagoon – A place for fun, family friendly activities all summer long!

Now that summer is here I am always looking for educational things to do with my boys!   Have you visited the Manatee Lagoon?   Manatee Lagoon is one of Palm Beach County’s newest fun and engaging family-friendly attractions, with interactive, entertaining exhibits about the environment of the Lake Worth Lagoon and the wonderful world […]

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Swim Lesson Club USA

Living in Florida, it is so important that our children learn to swim! Water related accidents remain a huge risk to children under the age of five and many older children are scared of the water or just can’t swim.  Teaching children water survival skills and helping a child learn to swim as quickly as possible will […]

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Summer….the best time for a birthday

As a child, I always felt bad for anyone I knew with a summer birthday. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than celebrating during the months between June-August when school was out and everyone went on vacation. How terrible it would be to see everyone with their birthday crowns and special treats throughout the scholastic year […]

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An Open Letter to the Men in My Life

            An open letter to the men in my life on this Father’s Day:   Dad, You are a father and a Papa. Watching you play with my kids is like peeking through a window into my own childhood. I get a smile on my face as I see you playing the same games I […]

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For Better or Worse

With Father’s Day coming up it got me thinking about fathers post kids vs. mothers post kids. What is Father’s Day? Is it a made up holiday as they say that the greeting card companies founded? Or is it a reminder of the men who helped create our amazing offspring and give them praise. I […]

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